This fantastic 1973 Series III 5.3Ltr 272BHP V12 E-Type Jaguar is offered for sale as a completely restored car.

The magnificent V12 Engine has been completely rebuilt including, New Pistons, Cylinder barrels, Valves, Valve Springs & Guides, Timing Chain, Tensioners Etc.

Overhauled Carburettors, and fitted with a new Clutch & pressure plate, and has now run faultlessly for over 40 hours on our custom test bed.

The 4 Speed manual Gearbox has been stripped, checked and found to be in perfect condition.

Differential stripped & checked, again in perfect condition. Rear Suspension & Brakes are all new, Discs, Callipers, Pads, Bearings, Bushes. Shock Absorbers & Springs.

Front Suspension & Brakes overhauled including, New Front Stub Axles, Bearings, Discs & Pads, Overhauled Front Callipers, Suspension Bushes etc.

After completely stripping the body of all paint & sealers all corrosion was cut away and replaced with new panels as necessary which included new Sill panels / Floors Wheel arches etc.

“This Car is ready for painting in the colour of your choice. The Hood Colour of your choice and the Trim colour of your choice.

It also comes with its original factory hardtop.

A one owner car that I personally have had the pleasure to know for over 30 Years.

Please call for further details