In November 2015 we were delighted to be informed of our nomination in the Teesdale Business Awards.

By December 2015 delight had changed to pride when notified of our shortlisting to one of three in the category of Business Trading outside Teesdale.

Since our inception in 2002, we have had a constant demand for our specialities internationally.

Much of our work is now carried for discerning customers from around the world.

France, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Bahrain, Norway, Hong Kong plus many States in America, can now be listed as places where delighted customers drive wonderful Classic Cars restored in Barnard Castle by our small team of Eight highly specialised craftsmen.

We are still undertaking work from around the world that currently includes two Classics for Hong Kong, one for Upstate New York USA and one for Birmingham Alabama USA. Something that we will continue to nurture.

To be recognised by the Teesdale Business Awards is something that we are truly proud of.