On a recent trip across Europe I had the rare opportunity to be witnessing to really pushing the limits of a car. The car in question was my friends Ferrari 599 which I was lucky enough to be a passenger in for the day.

It just so happened as well that we were in Germany at the time, a hot-spot for people addicted to speed. Now we all know those crazy Germans are very relaxed when it comes to speed, for example they will allow the average Joe to freely race around the Nürburgring, and as many of you know, on their autobahns the speed limit is only limited by the speed you are willing to go… So, for a car nut such as myself it is basically heaven on earth!

Now I can already hear you asking, “Well how fast did you guys go Dick?”

Well as we were in a Ferrari it would have been rude to not let the prancing horse stretch her legs a bit, right? In fact, we managed to get her up to, in my mind, a very respectable 183mph…

“Everyone dreams of driving a Ferrari, it was my intent from the start”, a quote from the man whose name is on the car in question, Enzo Ferrari, has been etched into my mind for many a year now. I think reason why is because it is true, everyone from a small child to an old man dreams of even sitting in a Ferrari and now I can say that not only have I been in one of the classics, but I have been passenger when it was driven it to its maximum, drive for what it was built for:

Pure Unrestricted Speed.

I would love to one day be behind the wheel pushing a Ferrari to its limits, but a car like this in the hands of someone without a little practice is nothing short of a dangerous missile if it’s not handled with care. Lucky for me, I was with an experienced driver, who pushed her to her limits and we had tremendous fun!