Most offices are often full of nothing but computers and tired looking people. Occasionally there be that one person who attempts to spruce up the place with probably an Orchid or some peace Lily’s that however these eventually wither and die within a week.

But today I thought I’d show my office off, because frankly I feel it’s pretty cool. So, what makes my office so great? Well apart from having yours truly in it, I have AC Cobra front panel and wheel as just some light wall art. Who doesn’t!?

But the Cobra is just a start, while it is in for recommission I am lucky to have a pristine 15k mile Sierra XJ4i right smack bang in the office. While it may not be a Capri or Cortina and may not have the pedigree and good looks of a BMW, at its time it was one of the best value-for-money packages on the market, and worried even some of the upmarket competition. We love having it on the workshop and we could look at it all day!