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What We Do

We specialise in the restoration and conservation of Vintage car, Classic car and Historic car bodywork. At Carrosserie we have established our own process which all bodywork then undergoes.  All paintwork is carried out by our specialised staff in our custom built Dalby paintbooths on site.   

Ash Frames

Ash Frames

All Ash Frames are repaired or rebuilt using traditional methods and seasoned straight grained Ash.

Paintwork Specialists

Using the best materials, all of our finished bodywork is prepared and perfectly finished in one of our two Dolby Spray Booths.


We restore and repair all styles and types of Coachwork, beginning with the Ash Frame and finishing with replacement panelling fabricated from the original gauge steel or aluminium which is fashioned using a traditional English Wheel.

Replica Bodywork

Replica Bodywork designed and built to any Vintage, Classic and Historic Car. The one featured here was built from a 1/20th scale model of the car and an original damaged nose section (crashed by John Surtees at Monza 1968), which we used as a template to replicate in aluminium.

Hood Frame Pantographs

Replacement Hood Frame Pantographs designed and built to order for any Open Tourer or Drop Head Coupé. The car will need to be present at our workshops to undertake this.

Mechanical Engineering

Our highly experienced Mechanics rebuild engines on our custom built bench, where on completion each engine will undergo 40 hours test running before installation into the car.

Electrical Rewires

Complete Re -Wires undertaken. New Looms supplied as necessary, fault finding and repairs carried out.

Trim Specialists

Complete Re-Trims and repairs undertaken to all Makes and Marques of Vintage, Classic and Historic Cars.